Amberley Castle, Sussex

Amberley Castle is the perfect place to forget about the world and feel like a princess.

A couple of hours from central London traveling south is the city of Amberley and there is  where you can find this beautiful Hotel / Restaurant. It is a private place, the only thing nearby is a small town with a couple of commercial establishments.

The place welcomes you with the ruins of a walled castle and a small lake, with a bit of luck you can also find the guardian of the castle, a beautiful white-plumed peacock that usually wanders around the castle’s main entrance, sometimes is calmed presuming his figure to tourists who take pictures, and other times is a little more defensive closing your step until he considers you worthy.

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As I mentioned, it is a little away from civilization, which makes it perfect for a weekend retreat, relax, read a book (about knights and princesses to combine with the environment), drink tea and walk through the gardens.

If your plans are to party or visit many tourist places, this is perhaps not the perfect place. But if you want to know a little more and get into the typical British atmosphere, it will be great to be here.



I had the pleasure of enjoying a breakfast in one of the salons of the Castle. It consists basically of a light buffet of fruits, yogurt, cereals and coffee, accompanied by a dish à la carte.

It was there where I tried the classic English breakfast for the first time, the flavors are strong, but the combination works well.



The rooms are beautiful, with a full livin room, large beds, a bathroom with a dream tub and, like a good English hotels, a supply of cookies and tea that you can enjoy in your room.

The grounds are varied, composed of several rooms in the main building to relax, also furniture on the outside next to a small fountain, a small cricket field, and the interior of the ruins where you can take many photos 100% instagrammers.

The attention of the staff is very nice. They welcome you with a friendly smile and are always attentive to your needs. Even after checking out when we were about to leave the cleaning staff looked for me as I had forgotten a gift among the bedspreads, the waitresses looked for me and gave it back, a toy that is not worth more than $ 5 but that means a lot to me. This is a real example of the values ​​of the company.




After reading everything that is offered, it is to be expected that the prices are not exactly cheap, it is a kind of expensive place, but it certainly offers the luxury according to high standards.


I share some videos that I take during my short stay at Amberley Castle

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