The Oblix, London

One of the best restaurants in London, with a view that takes your breath away.

Proof of this is that it is among the 10 most instagrammed bars in London according to Metro magazine.


I was there a few months ago and here I share my experience.



The Oblix in the Shard building has a 360 ° view of London which allows you to have a full appreciation of the city. Both St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower Bridge, the landscape is just perfect. To get there you have to climb to the 32nd floor of the ShardShard building, after passing through security an elevator will leave you in the right place.




The food has an exquisite flavor, the portions are regular which allows you to enjoy the food without feeling full but neither leaves you hungry. It has a varied menu and you can pass near the kitchen which allows you to observe that the ingredients are fresh.




The service is first class, since the moment you enter the place, the waiters are very friendly. A personal anecdote is that the first time I went  I was talking with my friends at the table, we were all speaking Spanish, when it was time to order we had difficulties in choosing what dish we wanted, the waiter who was serving us gave us one more minute to decide . But not only that, after a waiter who spoke Spanish arrived to the table, he helped us by explaining the dishes and translating some ingredients. I find very pleasant every time the staff of an establishment gives a little extra to please their customers and that is why Oblix is ​​one of my favorite restaurants.




The great view, food and attention have a direct relationship with their prices. It is not an economic restaurant, but the prices do not seem excessive to me. It is a good place for special occasions.


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