My first time in an Helicopter

Seeing the world from above is one of the most incredible experiences in the world. Something that you definitely have to do at least once in a lifetime.

My first time in helicopter was thanks to a tourist service called The London Helicopter have several packages that vary according to the amount of time you want to spend in the air. We chose one of 10 minutes for 4 people (maximum capacity available).

I know that 10 minutes sounds like a sigh, that is like the duration of two or three songs, but believe me, at the moment in which the helicopter takes off those few minutes become an eternity.


Prior to going up you get a little basic security speach for the trip. In my case that’s where the nerves started. In other words, everything that needs a complete security system means that somehow it implies a risk, although when they told me that the noise was so loud that we would have to use headphones and that in order to speak, I had to turn on the microphone honestly make me feel better . It made me well to know that in case of hysteria I could scream in the middle of the flight without anyone could hearing me.


Once resolved who will go where, it is time to leave the building, the moment you pass through the door the sound of the helicopter gets really strong, the pilot and the assistant assured us very well to our seats and gave us the audio equipment. Once we were all fully installed it was time to take flight.

A panoramic view of the city of London opened in front of us at the moment that the helicopter reached enough height and then there was nothing more to say. We all turned to the windows and took as many pictures as we could. The pilot guided us by pointing out the most important points of interest and locating us geographically. Unfortunately the sky was a bit cloudy and the landscape was not completely appreciated, but not so blurred to be annoying.


Those 10 minutes were the longest of my life, you feel the wind turning around the blades and the ease with which the helicopter turns from one side to the other, leaving you sometimes horizontally at the ground. It makes your heart speed up again and again, but after a few seconds you understand that this feeling is regular and that everything is fine and you start to enjoy the trip.

Once we returned to the mainland you  could breathe, and everything is back in order, then my biggest fear was not being able to release my seatbelt and get stuck in the chair, and yes that really happened, the assistant had to help me to get out of there in what were a second of much pain for me. Although when you put it in perspective compared to the helicopter flight that incident is very small.

The prices for this kind of tours are not cheap at all. My advice if you want to do is to research the companies available in diferent cities to find more affordable prices. Although if you want to see London from the heights this is a great option, it’s worth it.

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