Fall in Love With New York

New York is a city full of charm, a complete metropolis where whatever your lifestyle is, there will be many options for you. Those who have already been in this city agreed with me about the exciting environment. And for those who have never been able to go, I explain because everyone talks so much about this place so much that it is in the middle of modern movies.


If you like to have an elite lifestyle, go shopping and eat in the best restaurants. Well, maybe a series called Gossip Girl reminds you of something. Shopping on 5th Avenue that is quite an adventure, the chic and exclusive restaurants on the Upper East Side or simply saying you’re spending the weekend in Manhattan gives any kind of history a plus.


Pieces without equal can be found in the MET and something more modern in the MOMA. A bit of urban art you can enjoy on the High Line, or you can just go to a gallery in Brooklyn. Or maybe you prefer to see a play and you’ll find a small area that you might have heard before, you know … Broadway.


Maybe you are more into finances, you can not forget that there you would find Wall Street, the NY Stock Exchange and the center of many of the most important companies in the world.


Although it is rather an urban jungle, NYC has a great and beautiful lung, the famous Central Park where you can camp, exercise, visit famous statues to take a picture of Alice in Wonderland or just connect a bit with nature.


Among the many museums of the city, the anthropology museum offers many exhibitions of the history of humanity. Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will give you hours and hours of intersting facts.
And you can find thousands more options depending on your preferences that will make you understand that New York is more than a city is a world that is full of places to go, and where a new adventure awaits you in every corner.

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