31 days of Halloween: (No Terror)

One of my favorite seasons in the year is the fall, the trees are painted in different shades of brown, the mornings start to be fresh and hot drinks come back to fashion. But the best part of all is the Halloween season.

All October you can see decorations, pumpkins, skeletons and cobwebs suddenly are everywhere And of course the movies and series are starting to get a little more scary.

I love all the symbols, colors and spirits of Halloween, but unlike others who like horror, in my case this does not play very well with me. And is not because I do not believe in supernatural things, but quite the opposite, because deep down I believe in them and if you add that I also have a very active imagination a horror movie is the perfect combination for me to stop sleeping for a month and spend the nights hidden under the sheets and having fear of my own shadow.

But again, I love Halloween, witches and ghost stories, only on a very light level.

That’s why last October I took on the task of watching a daily movie about Halloween (or related to the supernatural) but avoiding terror. Although it is not easy, I was able to fill the topic and sleep every night.

For people like me, whose terror in their lives they prefer to keep to the minimum I share this list of movies perfect for Halloween:

  1. The Craft

2.Double Double Toil and Trouble

3. Halloween Town

4. Season of Witch

5. The lost boys

6. The mists of Avalon

7. Cursed

8. Blood and Chocolate

9. Practical Magic

10. The sixth sense

11. The Haunting

12. The Haunted Mansion

13. Dracula

14. Nightmare before Christmas

15. Teen witch

16. The last witch hunter

17. Beetlejuice

18. Frankinweenie

19. The Corpse of the Bride

20. The Witches of Eastwick

21. Dark shadows

22. The Covenant

23. Kiki’s delivery service

24. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

25. Twitches

26. Casper meets Wendy

27. Stardust

28. Sleepy Hollow

29. The Witches

30. Casper

31. Hocus Pocus

Okay, maybe some are not exactly child classification, but is a manageable degree of terror. These are my perfect movies to watch in October.

If you have any suggestions or comments on Halloween movies I would like to read them in the comments. 🙂

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