FIL Guadalajara 2013: A literary trip with Videobloggers

From Hogwarts to the Capitol. A literary trip with Videobloggers.

That was the title of the conference at the Guadalajara International Book Fair in 2013, that simple title inspired some of my friends to get their best outfits and be dressed as characters from the Hunger Games. The result was incredible, they were invited to take part in the conference and they were put on stage. For my part I stayed pretty and quiet taking pictures of that heroic moment of my friends. The speakers were Javier Ruescas, Raiza Revelles and Alberto Villarreal. Of course this happened 5 years ago so my memories of that day are very vague, for my luck in a world of technology everything is recorded and I can use the memories housed in the magical world of the Internet.

Here is part of Milenio’s review of that day:

Three popular Mexican “videobloggers” who regularly review their favorite books through YouTube today unleashed passions at the Guadalajara Book Fair (FIL), enthusiastically telling their secrets. More than 800 young people, many of them under the age of 18 and who have been following them for some time on social media, crowded the largest auditorium of the Expo Guadalajara, excited to see face to face with children who are popularized online books. Convinced that reading can be fun, Raiza Revelles, Alberto Villareal and Javier Ruescas made contact with their followers in an activity entitled “From Hogwarts to the Capitol, a literary trip with videobloggers”. Ruescas said that he began to make reviews when he realized that there were Spanish bloggers telling what they had liked to read, but that nothing else very “from time to time they uploaded books” and “they were not very constant”. Raiza Reveles pointed out that of her production team, her sister is the “one who can never fail”, who is her best ally, and that the hardest thing about working with the videos was “combine it with the school”. Villareal said he had begun to make reviews with an iPhone, but had already achieved tripod and camera, which allowed him to have a more refined result and make “great friends”. At first it seemed an activity difficult to sustain, but he said that “after entering the Youtube community” everything had been “very simple” because many people recommended books that, in turn, he reads and, if he likes , promote through the internet. In his comments he fixes a lot “on the characters, if they are round, if they are very good”, and on “how easy it is to read that book”, if the narration engages or not the possible reader. His personal balance of this cultural activity in the network is that “good things outweigh bad things”.

Read full article in Spanish HERE.

At the end of the conference we ran (Yes, that is what you do in the FIL) to the signing of autographs, on that occasion Javier Ruescas presented his book Play. In what was my first book signed by the author. The whole experience was incredible, and yes, that conference may be a little guilty that I’m now writing this blog. It took me some years but at last I had the courage to share a little of my opinions and experiences. It shows that is never too late to do what you like, and that even the simplest act can have a profound influence in our lives.

Leer articulo en Español.

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