FIL 2017: Hogwarts in Guadalajara

That year was incredible, even when I did not have as much time as last years since my working life was very demanding. My store of collectible products Quemador Diagon together with the Book Up bookshop, we organize an event in one of the halls of the International Book Fair (FIL).The concept was a Harry Potter costume contest, plus they could take their picture with the selection hat. We had many attendees and I, along with Vanessa Villan and Tony Bot, wer jury to the contest. Which was great because after so many years my name was printed on one of those beautiful plates with the official FIL logo.Yes, I felt like a star.

We had a lot of participation from Harry Potter fans, here you can see the video of the event.

The participants made a great effort and for a few moments with their performances we all felt at Hogwarts, the winners were:

1. Sirius Black

2. Professor Trelawney

3. Moaning Myrtle
And in case you did not notice, the person who played Sirius Black was a girl, which made his effort twice as incredible.
At that time, it was one of the main activities of the FIL, for which we had international media coverage.

I’m in the cover of a newspaper !!!

You can read some of the articles here (in spanish).

Leer articulo en Español.

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