Meeting with Joël Dicker. FIL 2018

This Sunday we were in the Encuentro Booktuber with Joel Dicker writer of books like The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair (of which a series of 10 chapters was made). The disappearance of Stéphanie Mailer, and The Final Days of our Fathers.
Among other things, the author talked about the importance of reading and how people who already have the habit of reading should be committed to those who do not have this habit, recommending books that they might like and could read them in periods of time as the one they spend on public transportation.

You can see part of the conference here:

Q & A

Among the questions that were asked after the conference two highlighted my interest; When asked why he as a  Swiss writer he used to base his books in the United States Joel Dicker commented that his first published book The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair) was actually the sixth he wrote, the previous ones were rejected and he learned a little from each one, he realized that all his books were located in Switzerland, so it occurred to him that perhaps he would base it on another place he was familiar with having spent some time on the east coast of the United States but a place where he was not physically, gave him the freedom to imagine a little more inside the story and let the creativity fly. When asked his opinion about the tv serie that was made based on one of his books he commented that it should be considered that the experience of reading is very different from sitting in front of a screen, and that should be considered when an adaptation is made. Although he agreed that the serie was to his liking and were very faithful to the original story.


The author

He is an incredible person, with great charisma, very kind and with a genuine interest in connecting with his readers especially with young people. It was a very nice experience to have had the opportunity to meet him and chat with him.

Leer articulo en Español.

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