Meeting with Laini Taylor. FIL 2018

On Thursday I had the honor of meeting the writer Laini Taylor in person on her second visit to the Guadalajara International Book Fair . This time he came to present his book the Unknown Dreamer. There was a private meeting with fans at the Westin Hotel you can watch the conference here.

The Author

She is a very kind person, he is very in touch with her fans, publishing on her social networks images of those who are directly involved with clothing, decorations or drawings. What makes her fans feel part of the fantasy world she creates.

Q & A

She has a book in mind whose events would happen in Mexico, unfortunately this book has not yet reached its end and may not be published, but hopes that one day it may be published. To the question Which of your books is your favorite? Laini Taylor responded that it is always between the one who has just written from which she emerged victorious and the one who is about to write, since she has not yet suffered with it. And she mentioned that part of her second book, “Muse of Nightmares”, was written in Mexico on the Mayan Riviera,  she had not finished the book on vacation and was forced to work while she spent her time here. Mexican fans appreciated Laini Taylor’s fondness for Mexico and how she always shares the best of Mexico at a time when perhaps the world is focusing only on the bad things.

You can see part of the questions and answers section in this video:

Leer en Español.

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