24 hours in Edinburgh

This summer I wanted to visit the Scottish capital Edinburgh, unfortunately the time was not on my side and I only had the opportunity to be there for a day. It is a magical city to which I hope to return some day.

Meanwhile I share my experience for those who like me, can only spend a day in Scotland and can make the most of it.

Scott Monument

This monument is near the bus station so it was my first point to visit, besides being one of the most popular places. In front of this square there are several places to buy souvenirs, in the square there is a food stand, at reasonable prices that I recommend. You can hear the sounds of Scotland with men in kilt playing the bagpipes with traditional Scottish songs. Which is a complete delight.

I share a video with the Sounds of Scotland:

The Scott Monument is a Victorian-style Gothic monument erected in honor of the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. It rises in the Princes Street Gardens of the city of Edinburgh, in front of the Jenners warehouses and in the vicinity of the railway station of Waverley.

Source: Wikipedia

National Galleries Scotland

A few meters from the Monument is the National Galleries Scotland a beautiful building full of works of art. Admission is free, and has a wide variety of paintings and sculptures from the history of Scotland, which I found very interesting.

Edinburgh Castle

At the top of a hill just in the center of the city stands the Edinburgh Castle, on this list is the only one that has an entrance fee, is between £ 17.00 – £ 19.00 and offers a discount if you buy tickets in advance, something that I really recommend since the lines are somewhat long and buying tickets online will save you a lot of time. It is a great castle that survived the passage of time, built in the XII century a military fortress that also served as a prison and that hides many secrets, in short you can not leave the city without visiting this place.

“The Elephant House”

The birthplace of Harry Potter
Or at least that’s what a big sign says in the place, since it is here where author JK Rowling writed the Harry Potter books more than 20 years ago. Rowling sat down to write her first manuscripts of what is now one of the most important fantastic sagas of our era, with adaptations to the cinema, theater, theme parks and much more. And it all started in this little cafe in Edinburgh. If you are in the city, it is the perfect place to have a coffee and be part of such an important place.

St Gile’s Cathedral

The building is more commonly called High Kirk of Edinburgh. Its most characteristic element is its dome in the form of a royal crown. It is one of the two parishes of the Old City of Edinburgh and is considered the mother church of Presbyterianism and the Church of Scotland. It does not officially have the title of cathedral by the absence of these in the Church of Scotland, although it had that title in the past.

The current church dates from the late 14th century, and was later restored in the 19th century. It has category A of protected building. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Giles, who is the patron saint of Edinburgh and a very popular saint in the Middle Ages, patron also of the cripples and lepers.

Greyfriars Bobby

The small statue of Greyfriars Bobby can go unnoticed, although it is almost always surrounded by tourists. The story of this cute puppy is very beautiful as they say:

Bobby, a dog of the Skye Terrier breed, was the best friend of policeman John Gray until his death from tuberculosis in 1858. After his owner was buried in the Greyfriars Cemetery, Bobby did not move from the side of his grave anymore ( this reason is known as Greyfriars Bobby).

For the next 14 years Bobby stayed with his master while the inhabitants of the city became attached to him and brought him food. In 1872 Bobby died and finally rested peacefully by the grave of his beloved owner.

A small stop next to this sculpture is simple and a must in Edinburgh.

Stores and more Harry Potter

All the points I mention have easy access as the distances are not very large, and while you walk these streets you can find many small shops that are very beautiful, with souvenirs from Scotland, the popular serie Outlander and Harry Potter, something that is very popular in this country, since we must not forget that according to the books, Hogwarts is located somewhere in the vicinity of Edinburgh. There is even an area called Diagon Alley (In Victoria St), it is curved street full of shops where you can find Harry Potter products, everything you can imagine.

Here you can see a video of the plan I use in Google Trips. Where it shows directions and information.

Leer articulo en Español.

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