Bumblebee Movie

Every hero has a beginning


20 years before Optimus Prime come to eath, before the events of the Transformers franchise happened, the first visitor was Bumblebee who was commissioned to protect humanity from the invasion of the evil Decepticons.


Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld), is about to turn 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, with battle scars and broken. They are united by an honest and sincere friendship that makes them live many adventures especially when a Sector 7 agent named Burns (J. Cena) begins to ask questions in the small village where Charlie lives and she realizes that she has to help Bumblebee to escape as quickly as possible.



A movie set in 1987 that uses the nostalgia of the 80’s with an excellent soundtrack and references to the pop culture of the time, makes you enjoy the movie from beginning to end as it is a fun and emotional film full of action scenes. In the way to be one of the favorites. It shows the beginning of the war of the Transformers and Decepticons, and refers to the events to come in what are the Transformers films.

A film that fans and not-so-fans may like since being a prequel, those who have never seen a Transformers movie can understand the story without difficulty or need to know the rest of the films since in theory these are part of the future of the saga.


Leer en Español.

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