One Day in Dublin

Ireland had been on my list of countries for years. The last summer I had the luck 🍀 to visit it, I was not there long and I could only enjoy the capital Dublin. Still, I share my experience and itinerary through Dublin in 24 hours.


Named one of the most beautiful libraries in the world is a place that you should definitely visit. The history and the accumulation of knowledge found in this place is beautiful. Although it may be a visit for those who like historical places, if you are thinking about going and taking a book, better change your mind because the books can not be taken, or if you are only thinking about entering to upload the photo in instagram considers that the entrance costs € 14.00 and the rows are long to enter.


The statue of Molly Malone may go unnoticed but it has a very sad story, “It is said that she was a very poor fisherwoman who died of a fever while returning home after a day of work. Everyone knew her because she was always singing; however, she died alone, pushing her car while hawking her wares”  The song that is inspired by this story is very important and has become a Dublin anthem.



A place not only of religious cult but of incredible history and art, its murals full of colors contrast with the rock construction of the church. With a Gothic style and sharp angles. A place that is worth visiting, also tells the legend that was built next to a well in which according to the legend St. Patrick baptized those who converted from paganism to Christianity.

The entrance price is € 7.00.


Formerly used as a settlement site for the Vikings, a military fortress, a royal residence, the headquarters of the Irish Court of Justice, and the seat of the English Administration in Ireland, the Castle of Dublin is used today as a place for holding state receptions . The entrance price is € 7.00.



James Joyce was an Irish writer, recognized worldwide as one of the most important and influential of the twentieth century. Joyce is acclaimed for his masterpiece, Ulysses, and for his controversial later novel, Finnegans Wake among other works. You can find his statue at 2 N Earl St, North City, Dublin 1, D01 K5W5, Ireland.


HA ‘PENNY Bridge

In Dublin there are several important bridges that cross the Liffey river. But the most famous is the Ha ‘Penny, a simple white bridge that stands out from the landscape for its simplicity and beauty.


The Irish pubs are famous worldwide, and the most famous of them all is the Temple Bar, a beautiful red-fronted bar right at the corner of small streets hidden parallel to the river. It is a must stop in Dublin.


You’re in Ireland, bet on Irish luck, buy something with a green shamrock and a Claddagh ring. Luck will follow you where you go.


All these places I traveled in just one day walking around the city, the distances are easy to walk without needing public transport. The tours do not take long and the architecture and vibes of the city invites you to discover its treasures by exploring.


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