Weekend at The Beach

I live in Guadalajara, in the western zone of Mexico, and a great attraction for all people, both foreigners and locals in this area of ​​the country is visit Puerto Vallarta. A few hours from the state capital is this region known for its hotels, nightlife and beaches.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to one of the best hotels there, Marival Residents. A place that makes you wish every moment that your hotel room was your permanent residence. The reason is very simple, imagine waking up in a comfortable and spacious King Size bed, open the curtains to find a direct view of the sea, then go out to the balcony to listen to the waves while you enjoy a breakfast that you bring directly to your room, spend the afternoon at a private beach club, sunbathing, with a cool drink while you walk along the seashore. At night you enjoy a full dinner at a high quality restaurant, and watch the sunset from your private pool. It is understood that it was one of the most difficult check-outs I had to do in a hotel, and even today I would like to be there again.


As I mentioned before, you have a view of the sea, and it is a short walk to your Beach Club with direct access to the sea, in the Hotel Zone of Nuevo Vallarta. The rooms are very spacious and have spectacular views. In addition, the Pent-houses have a second floor with a small private pool, where you can relax as if you were in the comfort of your home.



In my stay I had the intention to try as many dishes as I possibly could, and although unfortunately I could not enjoy them all, I was very satisfied with the taste of the dishes and drinks. The resort has 3 restaurants (Mozzamare, Omaggio & Lemmon Grass) and 2 bars (Brunello Wine Bar & Insú Sky Bar).

My recommendation for the perfect day in these places is to have breakfast in Ommaggio, eat in Lemmon Grass next to the pool and dine in Mozzamare in front of the beach. Although in any of the schedules they serve delicious food.

Bonus: Go for drinks at Insu Sky Bar and watch the sunset from your terrace is an indescribable experience and a great plus is its minimalist international menu.



The service is first class, they make you feel welcome from the first moment and you can always find someone to assist you. Being an all-inclusive resort you have many options to choose from and staff is very friendly and attentive, they make you feel like the pampered of the house.



Its location and service compared to its price is very well balanced. It is for people who want to be in a complete degree of relaxation, enjoy and not worry about anything, so their prices correspond to the level of comfort you receive. It is not a cheap place, but in the cost-benefit balance I consider its rates a fair price for the level of attention.


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