To Kill a Kingdom

(Raiting 4* ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

«Technically, I am a murderer, but I like to think that it is one of my best qualities. »


With a collection of seventeen hearts of princes to his credit, Lira is a siren revered in all the confines of the underwater kingdom. But a provocative slip that his mother, the Queen of the Sea, transformed into what he hates most: a human being. Deprived of her singing, Lira will arrange until the winter solstice to deliver Prince Elian’s heart to the Queen of the Sea or remain human forever. Despite being the heir of the most powerful kingdom on Earth, for Prince Elian the ocean is his true home; and hunt the mermaids, their mission in life. When he rescues a woman about to die drowned, she knows that it is more than she seems, but she promises to help him find the key to exterminate the mermaids forever. Can Elian trust his word? And how far will they have to give in to eradicate the most fearsome enemy of man?



The premise of the book is good, a new and darker story of the classic little mermaid, where Lira the protagonist is not sweet or tender instead she is a murderer and the prince in addition to have a crown is also captain of a pirate ship. Everything happens while exploring some of the 100 affected kingdoms in this fantasy-filled world. The story takes us deeper and deeper towards what motivates the protagonists, their fears, desires and past. Sometimes narrated by Elian and others by Lira, you see a little of both perspectives where nobody is completely good or completely bad.



It has a good start and I loved the most real part of the myth where mermaids are not sweet and a prince with ambitions greater than just a kingdom, but as the story progresses the mermaid becomes sweeter and the pirate becomes a gentleman, so it gets a little slower. It has scenes parallel to Disney’s Little Mermaid like Ursula in the Queen of the Sea and Lira’s red hair, outside of those details is an original and pleasant story. I like the handling of myths such as King Midas, Mermaids and Ice Kingdom, combined in a less critical way but without losing their magic. To my liking there are missing loose details that close at the end but in general a good book.


Favorite character

At first it was Elian but as time passed I think Lira began to stand out more strongly, always challenging and struggling to save her entire race.

Hated character

Princess Yukiko (Sakura), although she is not the main villain, was certainly the one that I found most detestable. Just try to take advantage of others by taking maximum advantage, without honor or remorse, jumping sideways at your convenience but forcing others to sacrifice their dreams.


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