A little Town call Ghent

It is on the list of cities to visit when in Belgium and although (only in my personal opinion) it does not become as charming as Bruges, it has a certain charm that is even calmer and more ancient.

Ghent is less than an hour by train from Brussels, halfway between the capital and Bruges, if you decide to spend your morning in Bruges in the afternoon you can visit Ghent to admire the sunset enjoying a Waffle on the river.

TIP If your means of transport is Train, remember that the station is a bit far from the city center, so it may be necessary to take a truck from the station to the center or consider a half hour or more to walk, it is a very ecofriendly city so you will find many bicycles parked everywhere, I did not have the opportunity but surely you can look for a place where they rent bicycles to be able to travel the place faster.

What to see

Once you reach the center, its old buildings amaze you, walking them in a few streets, you can start in the center and finish at Gravensteen Castle.

  • Sant Bavón Cathedral
  • Gravensteen
  • Ghent Bell Tower
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • Graslei
  • Ghent Town Hall
  • Sant Miguel Bridge

And calmly cross the San Miguel Bridge, admire street art and watch the boats go by.

What to eat

I only spent an afternoon there, so I didn’t eat much, but I could taste a delicious Waffle. My recommendation is to go to the Graslei Bridge and on the right side there is a Homemade Waffles place right on the corner, they are delicious and of a very good size.


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