Most important cities of Belgium

Flanders is the region that occupies the northern fringe of Belgium; it borders to the north with the Netherlands and the North Sea, to the south with France and the Walloon region, to the east with the Netherlands and Germany. Brussels is not only the capital of Flanders, but also of Belgium and Europe. The two largest regions in Belgium are the Flanders region in the north and Wallonia, the francophone region in the south. The Brussels-Capital region is officially bilingual. A small German-speaking community is located in eastern Wallonia.



If you only have one day in Belgium, you probably only visit Brussels, for its easy connectivity. It is an amazing city, you can do free, historical and even for Comic fans, go to the European Union and walk through its streets.

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If you want something a little more classic or your stay extends a little longer a visit to Bruges is almost a must, it is a small town so it will not take you long to travel it, it can be a half-day view.

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And now that if you are one of those who get the most out of travel, you can make a quick trip to Bruges and back stop to Brussels stop in Ghent, although it is a slightly larger city, so if you have time, maybe you can dedicate a full day to visit all its streets and museums.

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