Call my Agent: excellent option to vary our Netflix list

There is not need to say, that sometimes when we get fed up with Netflix always recommending the same content theme depending on those we have already seen. For me that takes away many points from its main attraction: the “wide” catalog of series and movies that they claim to have.

Thanks to its current algorithms, it will hardly suggest movies or series that have a low probability of liking us, so we end up, at least I do, with the feeling of “more of the same”.

So the best way to break this monotony is to get closer to the suggestions that other fans make of the things they watch. For that reason today I come to contribute my two cents with an excellent recommendation that will guarantee many hours of comedy, drama and fun. With you the French series Dix pour cent!

What is it about?

The story revolves around the Ask agency in which our main characters work, who as you can imagine are representatives of actresses and actors in the fantastic world of acting. So yes, throughout its episodes we will get a general idea of ​​how to work in a star agency and what this job implies: from dealing with more than eccentric demands from its clients, to adjusting contracts and mediating order. on a film set.

It is a series in a comedy tone, from day to day in the agency and the struggle to maintain control and direction of it, since in the first chapter its founder dies and fate remains in the hands of the 4 partners, and mainprotagonists. Throughout its chapters we will follow both their work and personal life and we will realize that identifying with them is not difficult at all.

Why should you watch it?

I think you should watch it because it is a peculiar serie that takes the everyday life and mixes it with a comedy derived from the gaffes at work and the tangles we fall into to solve it.

Because the performances are great and because each episode focuses on a new problem to be solved with the great guest actors and clients of our favorite agents, leaving room to slowly cook its development and weave a story that flows, grows and connects during all seasons. , in addition to the one that begins and ends in each chapter.

What I mean? Which is something like the formula of Friends or How I Met Your Mother in the sense that there is the story that carries the main plot (the fate of the agency and the personal lives of the agents), but also each chapter includes a mini plot to be resolved between one of them and the actor or actress they represent. And they are so well balanced that we do not depend on any to continue enjoying the story.

Returning to my introduction, I think it is worth a lot of effort to look at other productions, to break a little with the algorithm and risk knowing something that, according to a code, has little chance of liking us. I am a firm believer that the best thing we can do is go beyond our comfort zone and explore the world and what it has to offer.

So I suggest you take the opportunity to at least watch the first episode and if it convinces you, enjoy this fun and chaotic story until the end. I promise you that the third season has a very special touch thanks to its predecessors and that it will leave your heart with a warmth that few stories get, as well as a strong need for a fourth season that, as I read, is about to be broadcast.

In addition, it is not a long series, only 6 chapters per season and my strongest motivation to continue watching it is that there is a particular character named Andréa Martel who I have fallen in love with: a strong character, a woman who asserts her importance in the world She works hard and is one of the best at what she does, who stands out and has a very necessary gender perspective in these times.

Do you dare to see it? Read you in the comments!

  • Some reference data that may interest you:
  • Where to see it? Netflix.
  • Who appear? Camille Cottin, Liliane Rovère, Thibault de Montalembert, Grégory Montel
  • Created by: Fanny Herrero
  • Issued By: France 2

Translated by Rosa Navarro

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