Travel in time of Coronavirus

These are difficult times, everything has changed, our normal routine, going out to the street, stopping by your coffee on the way to work, the everyday traffic, and your office, always the same. Everything that we took for granted is simply not the same: your home is now also your workplace, you no longer go to your favorite restaurant on weekends, your food is brought by a delivery man, and your meetings have become virtual. If someone had told me a year ago that I would spend months without leaving home, I would probably have called them crazy, but it happened, it is the new reality and you have to learn to live with it, because, like it or not, it is here to stay (al less for some time).

With quarantines and borders closed, the most affected sector in all countries was tourism. Planning a trip no longer depends only on how much money you have saved or how many days of vacation your boss authorized. Now planning a vacation to any place requires several hours of research to find out what is in operation and what is not, in which country they accept you at the moment and what are the conditions of the destination you are going to.

Yes, it is true that when making any decision you have to ask yourself the phrase “if it is not necessary, it is better not to go out”, but after months of confinement the need to escape the 4 walls that surround you is understandable. Every traveler knows that staying in one place for a long time is difficult, it goes against our nature, but if you are going to do it, it is better that you take all possible precautions. So I share my advice based on my own experience.

First and most important advice. DO NOT TRAVEL.

Yes, it’s not the best time,  it is better to postpone that trip to Europe and change your plans. Let’s hope that 2021 will smile at us with a better face. Take advantage of this time to save and have a better vacation than the ones you had planned.

But, of course, if the desire and need to go out are still imminent, you can visit new places in your city, perhaps in nearby towns, anywhere you can visit by car or on a short flight. Support and boost the local economy, right now they need it.

  1. You are on vacation, the virus is not.

Although this time away from home is special and designed for you to relax, remember that it is a break for you, but the disease is still there and the care measures have to be the same.

Wear a mask. If you take a plane, you must do it the entire flight, so consider how many hours you can endure with the mask on and DO NOT REMOVE IT AT ANY TIME, out of respect for those around you and for your own health. Clean your hands all the time, wash them and use antibacterial gel every time you touch a public surface, even after you pay for a service, money can be a source of infection, don’t mind looking crazy, at this time we all are crazy and it is about keeping us safe.

  1. Be aware of the people around you.

Think about the chain of contagion and try to reduce your interaction with people. Avoid places with large crowds, going to parties or bars are activities that you can postpone, better buy some drinks and have a meeting in your room with the people who accompany you. Keep your distance in the waiting rooms, everyone is going to board, you don’t have to run to the counter and the same when you get off the plane.

  1. Visit new places.

Avoid the most popular beach, you know that even now it will be full of people and it will be difficult to respect social distancing. Better look for small, less popular places, take it as an opportunity to know something new.

Boutique Hotel recommendation “Las Alamandas” in Mexico
  1. Boutique Hotels are the best option.

Although all hotels are taking the necessary measures and I am sure they must be safe, and according to current regulations, a greater tranquility is felt when hotels are small, with few rooms and a lot of space, in that way the distance with other travelers is natural and you can relax a little more.

  1. Always book the refundable option.

It doesn’t matter if your trip is for the next day, if we have learned something, it is that nothing is guaranteed and unexpected things can happen at any time. Make sure that your hotel is refundable, even when it costs a little more, it is better than losing everything you invested.

  1. Those who live in the same house should go out with you.

That way they can better control any spread of viruses. Maybe you are already tired of living with the same people so look for individual activities in the destination and find each one their space. But by traveling with a company it is easier to distance yourself from other people, if 2 or 3 people travel together they will have a line on the plane and avoid being near someone else, the same on buses and other transports. In addition to this, everyone can self-quarantine when they return to ensure everyone’s health and avoid infecting someone else.

  1. Travel with insurance.

We all ignore that box that says “Add insurance to your trip” or exclude the extra expense when they make a quote to us. At this time, this is the most important expense and we must always look for it, be it due to personal and social eventualities and changes in destination policies, this changes day by day and we cannot risk it. In addition, these insurances cover you in case you get sick and it is easier than looking for a hospital in a city you do not know.

  1. It’s time to do that Road Trip!

If you can avoid the use of planes it would be the best. Travel to places where you can get there by car, that’s the best way to control coexistence with strangers. Make your playlist, bring some snacks (to avoid going into stores as much as possible) and enjoy. At least the ones in the car won’t have to wear masks for some time.

Some extra tips:

  • Take your time, now all places work with less staff and can delay services.
  • Pack a mask and extra antibacterial gel. It’s the new basic.
  • Think twice, I mean it, if it is not necessary for the moment it is better not to go out. The world can wait, it will still be there when it’s all over. Our health is the only and most important thing right now and only by taking care of ourselves will we be able to get out of it.


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