3 musical Movies that you have to watch at least once in your life

Today I come to talk to you about one of my great pleasures: musical movies. For me there is nothing more attractive than watching people dancing or singing. And what are musical movies? A combination of music, dance and my favorite actors doing those two beautiful activities. I can’t ask for more from life!

The Greatest Showman

Do you really think there is something better than Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron singing and dancing together? Of course not. There is not. Does not exist. They are the parents.

It is one of my favorite films because, within the most recent productions, it is one that respects the sense of “musical”. In other words, the songs tell the story and are not just there as a soundtrack. The lyrics narrate, the choreographies direct and contribute to the plot and although it is not as purist as the genre is supposed to be, it does so to a good extent and well, I insist, Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron acting together.

The Phantom of the Opera (2004) 

I am the kind of person who watches movies if I physically like the actors who appear in them. Of course, this is not my only criterion, but if it is a film in which an actress or actor appears that I like, there is a 90% probability that they will see it. And so GERARD BUTLER SINGING OPERA.
Gerard Butler may be remembered from the movie “P.S. I Love You” where he plays Gerry Kennedy, Holly’s husband who dies at the beginning of the story, and he is the one who sends her letters throughout the film.

The Phantom of the Opera and The Greatest Showman for me compete for the first place and I declare them a tie. I love the story, with everything and its tragedy, plus I LOVE almost all of its songs. Emmy Rossum (the protagonist) has a beautiful voice, she will make you fall in love.

The film tells the story of a “ghost” man who lives in the opera (the theater where the performances are made), who becomes Christine’s teacher and also falls in love with her.

Obviously he is not a real ghost, he is a human being of flesh and blood (very handsome) who as a child had his face disfigured and lives angry with the world. This is only a brief summary, the story is much more extensive and popular, and perhaps most of you already know it so I will not go into details.

And to cheer you up, I’m going to leave you the precious video of my favorite song in the movie. What you are missing if you haven’t seen it!


I think it’s a film that, unfairly, went unnoticed. It is a stratospheric error not to have seen it and I am sure that as a generation we will regret not having valued it at the time.

WHO DOESN’T WANT AND DESERVE TO KNOW THE BIOPIC OF ELTON JOHN? Also, in this movie you can see Taron Egerton (Kingsman Secret Service) singing Elton songs.

And I was asking you if there was something better than Hugh and Zac Efron together and THERE IS, but I didn’t remember. His name is Taron Egerton + Richard Madden (THE ONLY KING IN THE NORTH or the prince of Cinderella

Taron Egerton has an amazing voice and I think his role in the movie was wonderful. In addition to that, according to experts on the life of Elton John, this film does tell the story of the artist more faithfully (compared to the Queen film).

This film is not properly a musical, but rather a “let’s talk about Elton’s life and we place his most iconic songs in the moments in which they were conceived”. So even though it’s a bit different from the concept of the previous two, it’s still a great movie, with legendary songs.

I leave you the video of Taron singing the song that the film’s title is:

And one of him singing the same song but with Elton John:

Any movie fan could see here Kingsman, Jurassic World y Game Of Thrones in the same picture.

Y bueno, estas son 3 películas que, según yo, tienen que ver una vez en la vida. De verdad creo que son obras que sí merecen ser conocidas y que, si no tienes ningún odio declarado al género, te van a alegrar la tarde. 

And well, these are 3 movies that, according to me, you have to watch once in a your lifetime. I really believe that they are works that do deserve to be known, if you don’t have any declared hatred of the genre, they will brighten your afternoon.

Bonus: 10 music movies to complete your marathon

  1. Grease (obviously shubi, shubi)
  2. Hairspray (I mean, Zac Efron! Always watch Zac Efron)
  3. Pitch Perfect (as many as you can find)
  4. High School Musical (A classic, impossible to leave them out of the list)
  5. Camp Rock (The perfect song “This is me” to show the world what you’re made of)
  6. Mamma mia! (Meryl Streep says it all!)
  7. Burlesque (Cher + Christina Aguilera = PERFECTION)
  9. Begin Again (They are Hulk + Elizabeth Swann + Levine, you tell me the result)
  10. Les Miserables (I really haven’t been able to watch it, but based on all my arguments [Hugh Jackman singing] we have an obligation to do so).

What musical movies do you recommend? I read you in the comments!

Translated by Rosa Navarro

3 comentarios en “3 musical Movies that you have to watch at least once in your life

      1. I actually came across musicals I don’t like.

        I still love a number of musicals. Just every once in a while, a musical comes around and ends up not liked

        Me gusta


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