Activities at home to relax the Wanderlust

The current situation has us at home, with the borders closed and the recommendations of DO NOT LEAVE UNLESS IS NECESSARY. Those who are passionate about travel (Wanderlust) can feel trapped, believe me it is a stress that I am constantly struggling with. For that reason, I have developed several activities that calm my mind. Since even At home we can remember past trips and start planning what places we will visit in the future.

  1. Mark your journey on a map

Since I was a child I have always had a special adoration for maps. From imagining how they were drawn at the beginning with voyages of explorers who wanted to know what the world was like and defied the rules of their time to find out what was beyond the horizon. Maps show us where we are and where we want to go, they serve as a guide when you are touring a city and as a method of planning to know what place you would visit next.

Heaven may be closed but the maps are still ours. Use them to remember the places you have visited, the places you want to be, plan the route of your next adventure, this will help you think of better times.

I have my room full of maps of different places and my favorites are these 3:

  • Scratch map

This is a very practical option, there are different versions, some can be stored in a tube, others are to hang on the wall, some others with notebooks. The one you choose, I know you will like it.

Here I share images of mine that I bought at Barnes & Noble a few years ago.

  • Cork map to use pins

I bought this one in parts, first the map in Cavallini & Co, then the cork in a stationery store and finally the pins in a haberdashery. But there are more appropriate packages that sell everything together and are ready to use. As you prefer, it is an idea that I have always loved, marking a new country according to a book or movie that I discover.

Countries Been - an App to Track Your Globetrotting - Gate to Adventures
  • Countries Been (The digital option)

If you can not or simply do not want to have more accumulation of things in your house, the Countries Been app can offer you the same function but on your cell phone. The concept is the same, the digital map is colored according to the option “I have been”, “I want to visit” and “I have lived”. In addition, some countries offer you the option to download the states so that you can mark the map in a more specific way.

  1. Patches on your clothes or backpack

Patches (like magnets) are my favorite travel souvenir , they are practical, fun, they don’t take a lot of space in your suitcase and they allow you to tell your story graphically.

I have my travel backpack (it has been with me for years) full of patches and lately, due to lack of space, I started a jacket that little by little I am filling with patches from different places.

* Tip: Although most patches come with the instruction to heat iron on the surface to be glued, I have learned that it is better to sew them, firstly because with the passage of time the patch tends to come off the edges (until it falls off), and secondly because this gives the option of unstitching and rearranging the patches according to your needs (a few small holes in the fabric are better than a large glue stain impossible to remove).

  1. Journal, Scrapbook or Photo Album.

In our travels we all become photographers and collectors. But currently these photos and memories are only stored in our cameras / cell phones and we share them only through our social networks. And although this is a very practical option, I still prefer to preserve a bit of the old tradition of printing the photos and put them in “My travel diary”, with notes of what happened at the time, pasting the museum tickets, the train tickets, etc. Everything that relates to my adventure and prevents the memories from fading with time.

I admit, this is entertaining and I’m always behind on my travels, but with all this free time on our hands it’s a great time to work on our journals or even start one.

  1. Embroidery

This may not be an activity for everyone. I admit that developing it led to several pricked and sore fingers. But seeing the result I can say that it is very worth it.

I started with the map of my country with the states marked to fill in the places that I already visited one by one, you can do the same or go big and include the whole world, this would be to your liking.

You can also embroider landscapes of places you have visited or your dream destination to inspire you. It all depends on your skill and imagination. Please share your experience with us.

Here is a short video of the process to embroider my map.

  1. Read Books / Watch Movies

Of all, this is perhaps the easiest to do. In our article 10 Movies to Travel from Home. (Based on Books) ”. I already shared my personal recommendation, some ideas to start freeing your mind.

There are many movies and books that can transport you to incredible places, (whether they are real or not). The important thing is to stay positive and let our imagination travel where our body cannot (at the moment).

Do you do any other activities between trips? Share it in the comments!


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