Visiting The Halliwell Manor

Today marks 22 years of the premiere of the serie Charmed. It’s one of my all-time favorites series and I never get tired of watching it (Except for the last season that doesn’t count for me)

On the occasion of the celebration it occurred to me to write this article, since as a good fan I could not miss the opportunity to visit the Halliwell house a few years ago. Here I share my experience.

The house is in Los Angeles not San Francisco

If you got to watch the serie you will remember that it is located in San Francisco. But as often happens on television, things are not what they seem and the legendary pink house is not in this city. It’s in Los Angeles which is probably a better location for producers. So if you want to visit it remember to put LA as your final destination.

How to get there?

Address: 1329 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States

The house is in a residential area north of the city. I get in the bus and it doesn’t exactly stop outside the house, from the public access point you have to walk several blocks (some uphill) to get there, but it is not very difficult and if you get lost you can ask for directions by asking for the Pink house at Carroll Avenue.

The easiest way to get there would be by car, just be careful where you park to don’t disturb the neighbors.

You can also select one of the Hollywood tours, which include this place, when I was there I saw several vans stop and let people take pictures (without getting off). So maybe you can find a tour and take advantage of the different places that they take you to know. 

Visiting The Halliwell Manor

There are no tours that take you inside and as a curious fact, the interior of the real house is nothing like what the set of the series is, for the Halliwell house they enlarged everything and made several changes. So it is not necessary to enter.

You can take photos outside the house, the whole exterior is the same as in the serie, you can sit on the porch, or walk down the stairs, even take photos of the neighbor’s house (Although I doubt you will see Dan Gordon).

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are people living there, it is a famous house, but for family use, so try not to make a lot of noise and not disturb. Although the owners are used to people visiting the place, consider how you would feel if strangers were looking outside your house.

The whole neighborhood is very beautiful, with large Victorian houses in different colors, so you may find another one that you like as a background for more photographs.


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