SPARKS by Wendy Higgins

Sparks by Wendy Higgins
Pages: 307
Release Date: 
August 25th, 2020
New Adult, Adult, Contemporary Romance
Format Read: 
ARC, ebook

Puntuación: 4.5 de 5.

At twenty-four, Harlow Robinson has run headfirst into a quarter-life crisis. Her high school girlfriends have dropped like flies, one wedding after another, forcing her into panic mode. It’s fight or flight time, and flight wins—literally. She breaks off a loveless engagement with her childhood sweetheart and abandons a teaching degree to become a flight attendant for Omega Skies.

Now Harlow is living her best glamorous, single life as a self-proclaimed sky muffin, at least that’s how it appears from the outside. But 3:00AM wakeup calls and nights alone in hotels make the days blend into a blur of loneliness. When her seven roommates sign her up for the dating app Sparks, Harlow finds herself navigating an entirely new lifestyle with more men than she can handle.

What’s a girl to do? Date them all, of course.

From New York Times bestseller, Wendy Higgins, comes her first contemporary adult romcom. Please sit back and keep your seatbelts fastened because this will be a bumpy ride. Enjoy your flight.

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I loved our main character. First of all, I loved that she was both a teacher and a flight attendant, I thought that was something that gave us a super interesting perspective and I loved seeing the insight of her work and career.

She was someone extremely innocent and a bit frustrating to read, with one of the most amazing character journeys I’ve seen. It’s so relatable, so real… Seeing her learn to trust herself, to love herself, to even know herself… making mistakes and taking a step back and just growing SO MUCH… it was one of my absolute favorite parts of this novel.

The side characters were all so different, unique, and endearing. The relationships and dynamics in this story are all so realistic that it made me so much more excited about the story. The dating, the online dating, all so real and fun, exciting, disappointing, and frustrating, in all its facets, just as in real life.

Silas was probably my favorite character in Sparks. His friendship and relationship with Harlow were so genuine and sweet and so real. He was a character that makes us slowly fall in love with him instead of all at once, and that was a fresh and exquisite dynamic.

The pace and the plot were amazing, I read this book so fast because it’s a lighthearted novel that you really don’t want to put down. And you never know what’s coming, you’re just along for the journey accompanying Harlow without a clue of how her life will turn out.

I think this was a very unique contemporary romance because it wasn’t just about the romance. For me, the main thing and the main theme in the novel were about finding ourselves, about self-love and self-worth, and I absolutely loved that. Harlow frustrated me and annoyed me A LOT at times, I’m not gonna lie. Especially at the beginning. But eventually, I understood. I got her. And I liked her, flaws and all.

I wish we could have had a longer finale, more scenes and moments with the main couple, I felt that her journey, while just as important or even more, took that away from us and we didn’t get to really see them together, we were only told of these wonderful moments they had that we never got to see.

But what we did get to see was incredible. The chore of the story, while different, is still a romance, and it’s there. Sweet, romantic, and original. One that makes you long and dream about a couple that was absolutely made for each other.


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