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Today I want to tell you, in a short text, about a Korean production. I know that in the world there are many stereotypes and because of that we have a terrible tendency to deprive ourselves of consuming certain products. Let’s get that over with.

The story that I want to recommend to you seemed very interesting and different from many of the dramas that I have seen so far (which have not been so many). I think it has a profound message that can make more than one reflect.

What is it about?

Basically the plot is about a man and a woman in their 30s who, due to a misunderstanding, end up living together. If we talk about Korea, or eastern countries in general, this can be something a bit conflictive and not traditional, but perhaps playing with that taboo is one of the greatest attractions of these productions.

In the series we will see how the coexistence between tenant and landlord develops, their routines, their constant effort to stand out in the world of work and, of course, as it is a romantic story, we will also see how the daily interaction, and the strength of the script, unite both characters in an emotional bond.

The reason I want to recommend it  to you is because this story encourages questioning the structure of dramas. In fact, our protagonist is a writer and scriptwriter assistant of these productions, and from her hand we get to know, very vaguely, how the medium works.

For me the most attractive thing to see was how it came out of the norm: neither the protagonist is the millionaire person in the story, nor are the ideas of romantic love as fanciful and unreal as dramas tend to paint.

Because This Is My First Life, Ep 1-4: Patriarchy Sucks – Seoulbeats

There are many questions here. “Do people marry for love or are those who eventually end up loving their partner? The ultimate goal of any woman is to get married and have children, and if your 7-year-old boyfriend asks you to wait for 5 years more by then, is it worth the wait? How long do you live in the shadow of others waiting for your “turn” to stop being employed to be a director?”

More or less through these questions turns the history of the characters of the drama. Chapter by chapter they build the arguments that propose an answer to the questions and make us think about how we, the spectators, think about these situations.

It is not a serious and boring story, on the contrary, it is happy and funny and, in my case, these reflections were emerging little by little, let’s say they emerged throughout each chapter, as did their responses. So the whole story is itself the question, but at the same time the answer.

My favorite part is the one that gives meaning to the name “Because this is my first life”, it means that we are learning, that we really do not know what we have to do, or the right way. They are all our first experiences and we simply do what we believe best to live our life.

Drama Review: Korean drama 'Because This Is My First Life' | April Magazine

The series is available on Netflix.

16-episode South Korean production directed by: Park Joon-hwa

Puntuación: 5 de 5.


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