THE BRIGHTEST NIGHT by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Brightest Night by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Origin series #1
Published by
 Tor Teen
Release Date: 
October 20th, 2020
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance
Format Read: 
ARC, ebook

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

The third book in the Origin series is out, and I can happily say no one was ready for it. It gave me everything I wanted and so much more.

First of all, I want to talk about worldbuilding. The world in this book felt so creepily realistic it was insane. I’ve always praised the way Jen made everything so real with the Origin series, the way people would react, how the world would change if it actually went through something like that. And that continues with this book.

I have so much admiration for her because the way she portrays the human race, with all its beauty, flaws, and awfulness is just…. on point.

The pace in this novel flowed perfectly. So many things happened and I still don’t know how I ran out of pages that fast.

The twists that Jen set up in the last book just keep getting bigger and grander, so much that you literally can’t even bother to think ahead, you just know whatever she’ll do will blow your mind, and are happy to be along for the ride.

Teaser by Raquel Herrera

The characters continue growing and evolving and being the witness to that was a delight. Luc and Nadia are as amazing as always, and their relationship gets deeper and hotter, they mature and their relationship does as well. And more of their past comes into play, making all my dreams come true.

We see a lot more of the Lux series gang this time around, which was probably my favorite part of the book (which in itself is almost impossible to pick). It is absolutely incredible to see them and compare them to the kids we saw in the first books, see how much they’ve grown and how much they’ve accomplished. It filled the hole in my heart their absence had left, and at the same time made me miss them so much more.

We get some amazing new characters, and the villains grow as much as our good guys. I love how realistic they are, as much as the main characters. The threats increase and it sets up things for the final book to a point where the expectation is too much to handle. By the end, you know big things are coming and there is not a second in the book where you can stop without wanting more.

The Brightest Night has been my absolute favorite book in the series so far and I can honestly say the next novel is currently my most anticipated book… ever.


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