Review: La ciencia de la pancita chelera y otras rarezas del cuerpo

Title: La ciencia de la pancita chelera y otras rarezas del cuerpo(The science behind the beer belly and other body rarities)
Authors: Leonora Milán Fe and Alejandra Ortiz Medrano
Type of book: Standalone

Pages: 200
Realease Date: October, 2020
Published by Me gusta Leer
Genre: Science Communication
Source: Publisher
Language: Spanish
Format Read: ebook

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

What if we told you that adorable babies, though innocent in appearance, are expert manipulators right from the womb? Or that there are more bacteria and viruses in your body than there are cells, and that’s actually a good thing? Would you like to look inside a tear and understand why you still hurt when you think about your ex? Or would you prefer us to explain the biggest mystery of all: why alcohol makes our bellies grow?
Your body is wonderful, and even though you take it everywhere with you, there are probably many things you don’t know about it. Luckily for you, you have this book. Let Leonora and Alejandra, the voices behind the Mandarax podcast, answer these and many more questions about the science of our daily lives.


The biologists and doctors Alejandra Ortiz Medrano and Leonora Milán bring us a science communication book that is everything but tedious or hyper technical. It is awesome! With an interesting title, the authors take us on an amazing journey around the most common functions and systems of the human body.

Are you ready to dive into a book that will put an end to popular myths and give you some interesting facts about certain organisms and cells that make us act in different ways?

Because that is what you’ll get in this book. It is a very enjoyable and fluent read. And although I did get stuck on a couple of technical names of cells or of virus and bacteria systems, the general explanation of things like the reason why babies are sometimes compared to parasites was very clear.

My favorite chapter was the one where they debunk popular myths, perhaps because it is the one I had heard the most about. Now I can say in an informed manner that pulling out gray hair will not cause it to multiply like hydra.

These and many more interesting facts are what I have learned from this book, and there are still a few more that I want to go back to. I am amazed at everything we now know about our bodies (well, everything that those who study the field know), but I find it even more interesting how much more we have yet to understand.

And I find this trend of science popularization absolutely wonderful. We certainly cannot get involved in all areas of knowledge, we don’t live enough for that. But that is why we choose those areas to which we are the most connected to, and thanks to science communication we can at least be informed of how wonderful the world truly is.

Broadly speaking, science communication is the way in which experts talk about their findings, explain topics and share information to us so that we all have the possibility of knowing the wonderful scientific advances and discoveries. 

And it is precisely in this area that this book makes a wonderful job, because it translates a language that is usually complex into a narrative much more simple and no less valuable. On the contrary! The fact that they explain the functions of the human body through everyday life examples and also with popular expressions and sarcasm is pure gold. 

While reading, you feel like you are talking to a couple of friends who really know what they’re saying and have been involved in the field for a while. So you just have to let yourself go and listen to them… or read them, in this case. 

I think it’s extraordinary that we can find books like this in the publishing world, books that allow us to understand the world we live in and learn new things about it thanks to them. After all, it is our body and it is definitely worth it to get to know it a little better. Are you up for the challenge?

Where can you find it?

This book is available in all online stores and favorite bookstores, here are the links of Amazon and the main website that leads to all the retail outlets where you can find it.

And now tell me, have you read the book? Did you know it existed? Are you going to read it? Or would you at least like to know more about it? Let me know!

And before I go, if you want to follow the authors on Twitter you can find them as @leos and @alita_emo. They are rockstars and you will not regret following them.

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