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Joe is a middle-school band teacher whose life hasn’t quite gone the way he expected. His true passion is jazz — and he’s good. But when he travels to another realm to help someone find their passion, he soon discovers what it means to have soul.

This animated film from the creators of Inside Out (2015) Up (2009), is produced by Pixar Studios and Disney.


On December 25, Disney and Pixar released the SOUL movie, a great gift to close this difficult but momentous 2020 and a taste of the opening that the Age of Aquarius will bring. An unmissable film, with great messages that resonate with the souls of children who come to bring a great change in humanity. I share some of the key messages:

1. After “Intensely” (a film that takes us into the inner psychological scenario and that paved the way for this new film) comes Soul, a SPIRITUAL FILM . The spiritual reality becomes evident and tangible. With this, Disney accepts the existence of the plane of the soul, before and after the incarnation on planet Earth.

Why Soul Had To Move To Disney Plus | Den of Geek

2. Disney presents us in a subtle way elements such as The Ascended Masters , or Guides of Souls, which have different ages and range from those that preserve a kind of “Ego” , called Terry, even those of a higher level, called Jerry, short for the Hebrew Jeremiah, which means “Sent from God” . They are beings very close to the Source , who manifest enormous love, and a very broad level of understanding of the human experience, full of compassion.

3. The soul makes very important decisions for its incarnation, together with the help of its guides (Jerrys) , including & nbsp; personality, which does not appear as a psychological factor forged with the individual’s history, but precedes birth and is found in the soul. What psychology strives to understand and explain has a spiritual origin.

4. The soul incarnates when it is ready, when the important decisions of the personality, of the life circumstances have been completed, and above all, when it incorporates ITS SPARK, its desire to live on this beautiful planet Earth. So, say the Jerrys, the soul is ready to LIVE. A wish, a desire, a meaning, a PURPOSE.

5. The spark or purpose is not the passion of the individual, it is not what satisfies him, but a LONGING TO LIVE. We could say that the purpose or meaning of life is to LIVE IT.


6. When the individual disconnects from life, he turns gray, disconnects from himself and from the longing with which he was born. So we SUFFER and it overwhelms us, turning us into zombies that wander mindlessly. But there is always hope and there are beings that come into our life to help us WAKE UP, to get out of the void and that is when we say that “The Soul returns to the Body!”

7. The meaning of life is to LIVE IT and it is found in every moment, in every HERE AND NOW. The awareness of the present moment is very important to keep us alive. We can always recover the LOVE FOR LIFE if we return to the small details, if we allow ourselves to look at the leaves that fall from the trees, savor a pizza, a donut, a lollipop, BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE LIFE IS FOUND.

8. It is obsessions that disconnect us from ourselves, from life and its meaning. The obsession with resentment, with judgments, with beliefs, with a feeling or emotion, with suffering, etc. Even the obsession with what we are passionate about could disconnect us from living. When even doing what you are passionate about you feel discouraged (which means that you have lost the soul, or the connection with your soul), reconnect spiritually with life and its small details. Remember, the Meaning of life is to live it. Beware of distractions.

Soul - Movie Trailer & Release Date | Disney Australia

9. Even if we disconnect from ourselves, from life, and from the meaning of Life, WE DESERVE TO BE LOVED! The spiritual plane looks at us with love, with understanding and with compassion. And it seeks to help us at all times to recover our light, our spark. YOU ARE LOVED @ ALWAYS

10. We all come from one source and we will all return to it when we are ready, when we have completed the human experience. A great source of radiant light, which we can call God / Great creative force etc. In this spiritual path we may wish to enlighten ourselves, ascend to the Planes of the Soul definitely, but before doing so:

If you haven’t seen the movie SOUL, do you, it’s a must. And take note of all the messages it has for your heart. Relive, start over, reconnect with yourself and life over and over and over again. As many times as you need it.

We leave you the trailer so that you are encouraged to see the film:

And finally, some questions that the movie left me (SPOILER ALERT)

I was hoping to see the incarnation of 22, what happens when it arrives on earth, an idea of what its life was like would have been great.

What did you think of the movie? What message did they keep? I read them in the comments.

Written by: Dante Hernández
Translation and edition: Rosa Navarro y Lorena Gomez


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