10 Movies to travel in your Home (Book based)

The current situation has us all at home, so although we may not be able to travel physically, there is no reason not to do it with our minds, and think about the destinations we will visit when all this is over.I share my list of Favorite Travel Movies (Whether the protagonist takes a trip in the movie or it shows you some interesting place), … Continúa leyendo 10 Movies to travel in your Home (Book based)

To Kill a Kingdom

(Raiting 4* ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) «Technically, I am a murderer, but I like to think that it is one of my best qualities. » Synopsis With a collection of seventeen hearts of princes to his credit, Lira is a siren revered in all the confines of the underwater kingdom. But a provocative slip that his mother, the Queen of the Sea, transformed into what he hates most: … Continúa leyendo To Kill a Kingdom

Meeting with Cecelia Ahern. FIL 2018

This Friday I was in the meeting with Cecelia Ahern. Writer of romantic novels whose books and film adaptations are always effective to vent some tears. Author of such famous works as Postdata I Love You and Love Rosie, she was in a chat with her fans as part of the Guadalajara International Book Fair. The author Writer of Irish origin with more than 20 … Continúa leyendo Meeting with Cecelia Ahern. FIL 2018

Meeting with Laini Taylor. FIL 2018

On Thursday I had the honor of meeting the writer Laini Taylor in person on her second visit to the Guadalajara International Book Fair . This time he came to present his book the Unknown Dreamer. There was a private meeting with fans at the Westin Hotel you can watch the conference here. The Author She is a very kind person, he is very in … Continúa leyendo Meeting with Laini Taylor. FIL 2018