Luxury Trip (Bumblebee)

The premiere of the Bumblebee Movie of the Transformers saga is coming and with that in mind I thought it would be a good time to share my experience traveling on one of these luxury cars through the streets of London. Trip The tour takes you through the most iconic places in London in the Westminster area such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London … Continúa leyendo Luxury Trip (Bumblebee)

My first time in an Helicopter

Seeing the world from above is one of the most incredible experiences in the world. Something that you definitely have to do at least once in a lifetime. My first time in helicopter was thanks to a tourist service called The London Helicopter have several packages that vary according to the amount of time you want to spend in the air. We chose one of … Continúa leyendo My first time in an Helicopter

Entrada fija

Let’s Go to Hogwarts!

Harry Potter arrived at the King’s Cross station for the first time and crossed the 9 3/4 platform wall on September first, 1991, 27 years have passed and thousands of fans still gather on platform 9 3/4 on this date to take a picture with the luggage cart crossing the famous wall that takes you to the train. Continúa leyendo Let’s Go to Hogwarts!

Amberley Castle, Sussex

Amberley Castle is the perfect place to forget about the world and feel like a princess. A couple of hours from central London traveling south is the city of Amberley and there is  where you can find this beautiful Hotel / Restaurant. It is a private place, the only thing nearby is a small town with a couple of commercial establishments. The place welcomes you … Continúa leyendo Amberley Castle, Sussex