Travel makes you the narrator of your own story

You have never spent the time reading a book, watching a serie or movie, listening to a conversation in which a place can see it clearly in your mind and for a moment, is almost as if you were there. It is truly incredible how the human imagination works, it takes us in an instant to the cities we have never been to, places that are both real and imaginary.

But sometimes imagination is not enough, you need to see it with your own eyes, live the complete experience of a different culture, with different languages ​​and customs, sometimes it is not enough to be the spectator and that is how you become a narrator.

In the following pages you can find a bit of my own story. Experiences that I have had when traveling, emotions that have filled me when reading a good book or watching a movie, yearnings that I had after watching a series. A little of my life and the little wisdom that I have acquired with different situations, advices that I would like someone to have given me to save me for bad moments, all this will be reflected in these pages, as a reminder of my adventures and to share with others that in their own way they are also travelers.

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