Activities at home to relax the Wanderlust

The current situation has us at home, with the borders closed and the recommendations of DO NOT LEAVE UNLESS IS NECESSARY. Those who are passionate about travel (Wanderlust) can feel trapped, believe me it is a stress that I am constantly struggling with. For that reason, I have developed several activities that calm my mind. Since even At home we can remember past trips and start planning what places we will visit in the future. Continúa leyendo Activities at home to relax the Wanderlust

Travel in time of Coronavirus

These are difficult times, everything has changed, our normal routine, going out to the street, stopping by your coffee on the way to work, the everyday traffic, and your office, always the same. Everything that we took for granted is simply not the same: your home is now also your workplace, you no longer go to your favorite restaurant on weekends, your food is brought by a delivery man, and your meetings have become virtual. Continúa leyendo Travel in time of Coronavirus

Bruges: A fairy tail city

There are cities that transport you to another era, and Bruges is certainly on this list. A small medieval town where a knight in armor with his white steed can be waiting at any corner, or you can find a princess walking through the square with all his royal court. Its tranquility and architecture work perfectly as a time machine. If you love the magic … Continúa leyendo Bruges: A fairy tail city


Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and the main administrative headquarters of the European Union. It is a multicultural city, with a great history, perfect for lovers of architecture and art. In each area you find something different, from museums, medieval buildings, to nightlife. A place that enchants people of all ages. Places to visit. Grand place By day it is a beautiful postcard, with … Continúa leyendo Brussels

Luxury Trip (Bumblebee)

The premiere of the Bumblebee Movie of the Transformers saga is coming and with that in mind I thought it would be a good time to share my experience traveling on one of these luxury cars through the streets of London. Trip The tour takes you through the most iconic places in London in the Westminster area such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London … Continúa leyendo Luxury Trip (Bumblebee)